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Elche – Real Madrid: Match Preview and Betting Preview

The visitors are in great spirits after beating their rivals Barcelona in Madrid. It is going to be a game between the leaders and the 20th team in the classification table.

This kind of situation is always relevant even in terms of the psychological effect on the players, in theory, this is a game between the best and the worst of La Liga as of October 19th, 2022.

Team news: Elche – Real Madrid

Teams that are in poor form usually are not that much of a factor in terms of the calculation of the odds. It means the starting XI isn’t that likely to change radically the situation.

The biggest factor that could impact the odds, and ultimately, the probability of Real Madrid winning or not, is a potential excessive number of substitutes starting the game. We saw this happening in Poland when Real Madrid faced Shakhtar Donetsk and almost lost the game.

The Spanish press says Modric is likely to start benched to rest. Rodrygo is likely to start the game, but he is a strong name and if Valverde starts benched it shouldn’t affect much the right wing.

Rüdiger and Nacho may also start the game, and Alaba should start as a left-back.

The expected formation indicates that this will be a tough challenge for Elche. Shakhtar Donetsk, the last team to make Real Madrid drop points on the road, is living a historically special moment and their motivation levels and morale are odd in comparison with a normal situation, a normal domestic league game like this one.

Elche – Real Madrid: 1×2 Betting Preview

The average odds for the victory of Real Madrid are now 1.32 in the 1×2 market. The victory of the hosts has odds of 9+, while the match draw has odds of 5.72.

This is the usual odd expected for Madrid in situations like this. I believe they are in good form and very motivated to collect more and more points before the World Cup break.

Real Madrid has a lot of potential on the bench as Ancelotti is developing and mentoring guys like Tchouaméni, Rodrygo, and Camavinga.

The current market odds presume Real Madrid has at least 75% of chances to win this game. I guess it could be even more.

Elche – Real Madrid: Asian Handicap betting preview

The market now has odds of 1.9 for +- 1.5. The lines are not interesting in my opinion. Firstly, I don’t trust Elche at all to buy it hoping that they lose by just 1 goal.

And Real Madrid is facing a schedule full of games in October. Ancelotti just saw the team dropping points when overusing the bench in Poland, which means if he’s winning, we’re likely to see the most experienced guys being rested to avoid injuries. It’s true that Real Madrid has good tactics to score in counter-attacks if they are ahead in the score.

However, when the schedule is as tough as it is right now, and after all the tension of a game against Barcelona, I believe Real Madrid will be very happy with a 1-goal lead.

Of course, they may thrash the hosts with lots of goals, but at the current AH prices, this is not a tempting bet in my opinion.

Moreover, I also don’t see any particularly interesting bet in the over/under market.