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The reigning Champions of the UCL and their outright odds:

Real Madrid currently has odds of 11.0! That’s right, well behind the market favourites Manchester City with 3.04.

We also have in the second-tier, with always almost 50% smaller than Real Madrid, other European protagonists: PSG with 6.07 and FC Bayern with 6.64.

Before Real Madrid in the list of potential winners, we also have Liverpool with 8.25!

Isn’t Real Madrid too much of an underdog right now?

The True Chances of Real Madrid to win the UEFA Champions League

If you convert the decimal odds of 11.0 into percentages, the market now sees Real Madrid as having 9.09% of chance of winning the ongoing UEFA Champions League.

Manchester City, in contrast, has a chance of 32.89% in the views of the market. No doubt City has evolved a lot and Haaland is thriving wearing blue, but is there a bargain here?

Last year Real Madrid ‘offered’ generous odds on numerous occasions as they recovered from difficult situations throughout the knockout phase.

So in the opinion of the writer, yes, Real Madrid could possibly be a bargain. But if you buy Real Madrid as an early bird bet, they don’t even need to win the trophy for your to profit! But how does that work?

UEFA Champions League Outright Betting: Beginners Guide to Hedge

Hedge betting is an intermediate/advanced form of betting that is actually quite simple. Odds fluctuate to reflect the performance of teams in any given tournament.

If you ‘buy’ a team while they are ‘cheap’, it means you grab good odds like 11.0 for Real Madrid.

Now let’s suppose that you have your odds of 11.0, and some or all of the teams ‘above’ Real Madrid face difficult drawings before the knockout phase. Then the market will offer higher odds for teams like Man City, Liverpool, PSG, and FC Bayern. If that happens and you have a big odd for Los Blancos, well, what’ll happen is the market odds of Real Madrid will drop, but you’ll already have secured your juicy odds!

In case that happens, you can choose to buy high odds for other teams and maximise your profits. How much to bet on each specific team would depend on a lot, but the goal of this guide was to present you with this very interesting football betting concept!


The goal of this guide was to discuss the current odds of Real Madrid winning the ongoing UEFA Champions League, as well as present to you the concept of an early bird outright bet, which could be complemented with a hedge bet to guarantee a betting profit even before the final match happens!

We’ll keep an eye on the outright markets throughout the competition and bring you information to help you profit from your knowledge of Real Madrid! Count on us for more and more free Real Madrid information to help you keep up with Los Blancos!

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