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Real Madrid welcomed Athletic Club to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday night on the 1st of December in the rescheduled LaLiga Santander Matchday 9 meeting between the two teams. Los Blancos did its best to be the winning team despite the performance of the second half.

Many betting sites gave their predictions that Real Madrid would emerge the winner. The odd on sites like Bet365 was so precise on Real Madrid becoming the winning team, eventually; they did with the turnout of 1-0 against Athletic Club. If you’re a gambler, you could have easily won huge with the bet365 bonus code.

The only goal was scored by Karim Benzema who placed the ball at the net in the 40th minute.

Karim Benzema has scored eight goals since the last seven matches he has had with the club.

Accolades to Karim Benzema as the screams of fans obviously showed that he deserves an award for the player of the year.

Other players also made the goal possible even though not so many of the players utilized extra efforts especially in the last 15minutes of the match when both teams were in the fight to win.

Here’s a tip for you: Bonus: The team Real Madrid is also called Los Blancos which means “The whites” and came about in 1920 because they were the only clubs that wore white uniforms.

Here are the Player Ratings and how much effort they put in to ensure their success:

Thibaut Courtois: The goalkeeper of the match who ensured the success of his team. He is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he indeed showed his skills in the match against Athletic City. He is rated 8/10. The athletic city had lots of chances to equalize but Courtois prevented a goal from Raul Garcia and Oscar De Marcos in the 27th and 76th minute respectfully and earned his team the winning flag.

In his words after the game, he said “We’re playing very well at the minute, we’ve dropped a few points along the way, but are doing well on the whole. We’ve got a big game against Real Sociedad on Saturday, then we play Inter as well as we look to finish top of the group before we move into the derby. It’s non-stop and we’re going to try to get some rest as we look to keep on winning,” he added.

Eventually, Real Madrid would be having a stressful season ahead as they also have another match with Athletic City on the 22nd of December 2022 but Courtois has shown preparedness for it.

David Alaba: He is rated 6.5

The No 4 player made a terrible mistake twice in the 24th and 85th minute.

David Alaba committed an error during the course of the match, totally unconscious of a flying ball that prompted a possibility that Inaki Williams some way or another missed. Alaba has been one of the most incredible focus moves in Europe this season, yet this was not his best 90 in a Real Madrid pack. The No. 4 had three capture attempts, three clearances, and 98 percent of his passes finished, so it was not totally awful.

Lucas Vazquez: During the first half, Vazquez made a nice move to Vinicius Jr and Freland Mendy but was replaced by Nacho in the 80minutes. He is rated 6/10 as he caused Los Blancos to lose two points while trying to prevent a shot that eventually headed to the black of the net and his attacking rate was negligible.

Luka Modric: Deserves a good score of 7.5/10 as he contributed to the possibility of the game’s only goal. He synergized superbly with Vinicius Jr. prior to mishitting the ball into the way of Benzema who kicked the ball into the rear of the net.

Ferland Mendy: Mendy made right, safe passes upsettingly. Mendy passed the ball well all through the match and had the option to make one possible goal. Even though he inadequately defended as he neglected to follow back and left a monstrous opening that would have yielded more points for Los Blancos, he deserves a 5/10 rating.

Tooni Kroos: The German midfielder is an expert in taking long shots that on lots of occasions almost led to a goal. Kroos controlled the game well notwithstanding the situation against his team and made a delightful 8/10.

Casemiro 6/10: He made a significant tackle on Raul Garcia in the 53rd moment and had a couple of defensive moments in the second half.

Elder Militao: Eder Militao had two or three blunders and misinterpretations in defending just like David Alaba but he more than compensated for those errors with an astounding nine clearances and three obstructed shots.

His moves were brilliant and actually prevented a goal from Athletic City which earns him 8/10.

Vinicius Jr. 8.5/10: Vinicius was by far the most outstanding midfielder. Vinicius was reliable on the two ends of the pitch, driving the way with five vital passes and five tackles. He also contributed to the score of their lone goal.

Marco Asensio – Asensio did pretty well in the first half but didn’t keep up the performance in the second half and was almost invisible on the pitch which got him replaced in the 64th minute. I would gladly give him 4.5/10 as his performance didn’t help much.

Karim Benzema: The player who with the help of other teammates scored the only goal of the match in the 40th minute. Benzema played a brilliant pass to the Brazilian winger which should have resulted in a goal but Vinicius’ touch let him down which earns him 8.5/10.


Rodrigo 4/10: Rodrigo replaced Asensio in the 64th moment and led a fruitless counter-attack. He was nearly invisible for till the match came to an end.

Federico Valverde – 6/10: Valverde came on in the 70th moment and did some incredible defensive moves. He additionally helped in ensuring the possibility of the goal.

Nacho: He defended brilliantly and ensured the team counters the attacks of Athletic. He deserves 6.5/10.

Eduardo Camavinga – 4.5/10: Camavinga was presented in the 80th minute. Amid the energy produced to guarantee a positive outcome towards the end of the game, Camavinga didn’t put much of an effort.