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The former Tottenham frontman considers a forward who finds himself behind Karim Benzema in Real Madrid would gain from a summer move.

Luka Jovic has suffered a testing debut effort at Real Madrid, but Dimitar Berbatov claims the Serbian striker could be”useful to several clubs in the Premier League”.

Tottenham and Chelsea are among those to have been connected with a move to free the 22-year-old frontman from his Spanish nightmare.

Jovic was among the very sought after assets in Europe heading towards the summertime window of 2019.

Actual won the race for his signature, but have seen him record two goals through 24 looks in 2019-20.

Another switch is currently being mooted, with lots of sides in England said to be keen on offering Jovic a clean slate.

Berbatov, who spent time with Spurs, Manchester United and Fulham in his playing days, considers a fellow Balkan might be a success in the Premier League.

The Bulgarian told Betfair: “Luka Jovic is still a very young footballer and he had a fantastic season with Eintracht Frankfurt which earned him a move to Real Madrid, at the moment things are not going his way but let’s not forget he has Karim Benzema ahead of him.

“For me personally, Benzema is among the most underrated players in football right now, he scores so many goals and that he frequently does not get the recognition he deserves.

“It’s hard for Jovic since he must get in front of the Frenchman, but when Zinedine Zidane gives him another opportunity I hope he takes it, scores goals and reveals what he was doing in Germany, he has two options: be patient and work hard, or visit England or someplace else he can perform.

“Like me, he’s in the Balkans and we enjoy life a bit too much sometimes, so I expect that victory and his move to Real Madrid haven’t gone to his mind too much, that may be dangerous and he wants to be disciplined.

“I was in his place once I was at Bayer Leverkusen, I was the exact same age and before I was Ulf Kirsten, who was a god in Leverkusen and among the finest German strikers ever.

“I had been in that position thinking ‘why the f*ck am I not enjoying, I deserve to play, I need to play’ You think plenty of stupid things as you are young and you think you know everything but with a little bit of patience, hard work and great people around you to tell you the facts about the circumstance, it helps.

“That is one option. Another, if you would like to play quickly, you decide to go on loan or find a club which will buy you so that you play more, if Jovic is at that place right now I can see him being helpful to several clubs in the Premier League.”