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The 76-year-old spent five years in charge at the Bernabeu, where he led the club into a few Champions League trophies.

Fernando Sanz, the son of former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz, has confirmed that his dad was hospitalised with coronavirus-like symptoms.

Lorenzo Sanz was in control of the Bernabeu club for five years from 1995 until 2000, overseeing the club’s resurgence into the pinnacle of European football since they finished a 32-year wait for European Cup victory in 1998 and then followed it up with another win in 2000.

In recent days, however, the 76-year-old has been in ill health and has been hospitalised.

“We’re very worried and little can be achieved,” Fernando told El Partidazo p COPE.

“He was feverish for eight days, they called the phone and told him to take paracetamol.

“He suffered eight days and didn’t need to go to the hospital before he had been short of air and he was getting worse.

“They put him inside and told him that he had been bad, with very little oxygen into his blood. He said he had a low fever and didn’t need to collapse the system.

“We don’t know if it’s coronavirus or not, but it seems like it. He was in good health.

“My mom is there because we have never been able to proceed. They’ve stated that they would call and that, provided that they don’t call, it’s good news.

“We are certain that he is in the best hands with the Spanish public health system, they have been the pride of the national for quite a long time.

“He’s in the Jimenez Diaz Hospital, where they saved my life for a kid when a virus attacked my heart.

“We have to applaud the medical staff there since they’re working out of the skins. Hopefully, they can help us and a lot more families.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a catastrophe over the planet, with whole countries grinding to a stop and all the significant footballing leagues around the world suspended.

Euro 2020 was postponed for a year, although it’s unclear when and if Real Madrid will have the chance to play with their Champions League last-16 match against Manchester City in the Etihad Stadium.