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Real Madrid won the match, but what about the bets?

Real Madrid is a typical team that attracts 1×2 bets because of their big number of victories in every season of La Liga. But some players dislike the low odds of the 1×2 markets and try to profit more in the Asian Handicap markets.

Let’s analyze the distinct results of Real Madrid in the gaming markets last weekend.

Getafe 0 – 1 Real Madrid Betting Review: 1X2

Real Madrid won away from home and the bettors that placed a wager on them won an average of 48% in profits.

However, these odds may be considered low by some gamblers. Here’s why: Real Madrid won, for example, 26 out of 38 games in the last season of La Liga.

If you bet on all games, with odds of 1.48, you’ll hardly earn any money if they repeat their numbers in the ongoing season.

This is why…

26 games won / 38 matches played = 68.42%

The fair odds here would be 100% / 68.42% = 1.461

We can round it to 1.46.

So if a gambler bets, let’s say on average odds of 1.30 or 1.40, betting on the victories of Real Madrid could be a bad idea and make you lose money!

Getafe 0 – 1 Real Madrid: Asian Handicap Match Result review

The visitors won by just one goal. The Asian lines stabilized around -1 / +1. This means that most bets ended up as void or at least half void. The reason for that is -1 / +1 is a DNB match result handicap. For more information about this advanced betting market, we’ll release a betting guide very soon.

In other words, when professionals and advanced bettors that understand the Asian Handicap odds want to bet on Real Madrid, they focus on games they really believe that Los Blancos will destroy the adversaries and win by lots of goals!

In summary, the average Asian Handicap bettor did not profit with Real Madrid in this game.

However, by the end of the season, sometimes AH bettors yield way more profits than 1×2 bettors.

Getafe 0 -1 Real Madrid: Over/Under goals betting market match review

Games involving Real Madrid against smaller teams usually have big over/under lines. As a general rule, huge handicaps in the match result market drive the Over/under lines up in the goals market.

We’ll also explain this in our upcoming guides, and we’ll also have a special guide about Over/under betting in the AH markets.

The market stabilized around the lines of 2.5. Before the kick-off, over 2.5 was trading at average odds of 1.83 and under 2.5 at 1.98.

Unders was the winner of the weekend here. After a complicated game against Osasuna in which Real Madrid had lost the lead of the classification table of La Liga, Los Blancos wanted to collect 3 more points.

Summary: What a team really needs to win a football game

When making estimations to bet on football, we must always have in mind that usually, all teams are just after a one-goal margin to win the games. There are exceptions such as the last rounds of the season to beat a goal difference of another contender for a title or qualification to European competitions, as well as the second leg of cups, for example.

Teams that are heavily handicapped don’t need to beat the handicap to win the game. Have that in mind next time you try your luck in the AH markets, including Over/under goals!