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Asian Handicap Guide: Real Madrid Games

Real Madrid is one of the most interesting teams to bet on the Asian Handicap. The main reason is this system allows good bets with interesting odds, unlike 1×2 in most cases.

When Real Madrid faces smaller teams like today, against Elche on the road, the odds are 1.32 on average in the 1×2 system.

Professional bettors focus on odds around 1.90 to 2.1. The main statistical reason is you need to be right way too often to make a profit with small odds. While some bettors may have luck with systems involving small odds, that’s certainly not what big bettors do. Betting limits are also a factor in this market.

Let’s learn more about Asian Handicap and how to enjoy AH bets in the games of Real Madrid

Elche – Real Madrid – Real-life example of the Asian Handicap

It’s important to note that AH has two basic markets, the match result handicap and the over/under market.

The AH O/U market is different compared with European retail bookies Over/under as we have the concept of DNB (Draw no bet) applied.

For now, we’ll focus on the match result, which also can have DNB as a betting result.

The upcoming game between Elche and Real Madrid is ideal because the Asian markets stabilized at a handicap that doesn’t have DNB as a potential result.

Elche +1.5 / Real Madrid -1.5 Asian lines, what does it mean?

The Asian lines represent the selection, the bet itself. In this case here, the market is focusing the bets with odds around 2.0, on a specific event: Will Real Madrid win the game by 2 goals or more? Or will Elche lose by just one, or even collect points?

These are the potential results for today’s match in the AH market.

Elche +1.5: the bet wins if Elche loses by one goal, the match ends in a draw, or Elche wins the game
Real Madrid -1.5: the visitors must win the game by 2 or more goals.

As you can see, even if Real Madrid wins the game and the 1×2 bettors win 32% in betting profits, Los Blancos can still be an Asian handicap loser.

In other words, Asian markets can be, and usually are, a parallel universe in comparison with the 1×2 market.

The Ideal betting market for you: 1×2 or Asian Handicap?

Responsible gaming requires constant reevaluation of your own betting patterns. Do you have fun in a specific market? Can you afford your current gaming?

These questions are not specifically related to a market. I always like to bring some information about how the biggest professional bettors in the world work, because that’s something I saw first hand and the readers always ask me about it.

Asian Handicap is a specific market because of the way its math works and how the liquidity of the markets is structured, but this is a topic for our ‘professional betting’ article, which is coming soon!

By the way, now that you are learning about more advanced forms of soccer betting, you may want to check out this guide about when the odds are released for each game.

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