The betting markets: a parallel world of profits:

What happens in the pitches doesn’t reflect the reality of the betting markets. Not necessarily. While some traditional betting markets like the 1×2 are based on the simple match result and the expectations around it, there are more advanced markets that are totally different.

sports betting market perceptions: thriving with football knowledge

Let’s use the recent game between Real Madrid and Shakhtar Donetsk as an example. As we anticipated in our exclusive betting preview, Shakhtar could deliver profits in the Asian Handicap market in spite of a potential loss.

And the markets were generous this time. The Ukrainians had odds of 1.85 to the -2.25 Asian line.
And this line paid a profit of 85% yesterday! We’ll publish a series of betting guides for the Asian handicap markets soon, but for now, we’ll analyze this result.

The Ukrainians traveled 11 hours to this game. The market had this in mind when the lines stabilized at -2.25, but still, Real Madrid had lost the chance to grab 3 more points in the weekend. They were already leading the group.

Securing 3 points against Shakhtar was important. The Ukrainians’ club is living a special moment, playing mostly with Ukrainians after years of support from foreign players, and they were 2nd in the classification table of Group F.

Shakhtar Donetsk: profitable selection in the Asian Handicap against Real Madrid

The expectations of the betting community are built around handicaps in the professional and advanced markets.

Any bettor can learn how to make the most of these selections. In fact, after a while, you get a bit bored with the 1×2 system because it’s very difficult to make a profit off the big clubs like Real Madrid.

In fact, the betting world is an infinite multiverse of parallel worlds. Some punters made a profit with Real Madrid ‘1’ in the 1×2 yesterday.

Some punters lost money betting on the X or the draw. And many professionals made millions of pounds, dollars, and euros betting on Shakhtar +2.25 in the Asian markets.

You don’t have to guess the exact score of a game or the correct 1×2 result to make profits in the football betting world. In fact, it’s much easier to bet correctly in the handicap scenario, but you need to be able to calculate the ideal odds based on your expectations.

Shakhtar Donetsk – Real Madrid early preview: neutral field match in Poland

Next Tuesday, October 11th, Real Madrid will visit the Ukrainians, but not in their homeland due to the war, the match will happen in Warsaw.

Right now the odds for another victory for Los Blancos are a bit more interesting than yesterday: 1.40 in the 1×2 markets.

That seems to reflect the fact that Real won’t be at home.
The odds for a Ukrainian victory are 7.13 on average. Considering that they’re just one point above Red Bull Leipzig, and Real Madrid is now 5 points clear above them, it’s fair to say that Shakhtar needs these points more than Los Blancos which means their motivation may be affected.

The Ukrainians may not be at home, but Poland is ‘more of a home’ than Madrid when facing Real Madrid.
The current Asian Handicap odds of +1.5 @ 1.86 seem very interesting right now. If you like these odds grab them right now! But we’ll also post a detailed match preview next week closer to the match with fresh information.

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