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Barça Takes the lead of La Liga, now what?

Well, the winning streak of Real Madrid is over and after a tough battle, Los Blancos failed to win at home against Osasuna on the weekend. By the way, the draw has paid an average of 5.26 to the bettors that believed in that potential event, juicy odds indeed.
Now Barcelona is considered the favourite to win the ongoing La Liga, at least according to the market.

The Blaugrana have odds of 1.80 to lift the trophy of La Liga once again. The last title of the Blaugrana came in 2018/2019, but the markets seem to consider the advantage in the classification table of some relevance.

Real Madrid Odds to win La Liga

The national rivals of Real Madrid, however, have a narrow ‘advantage’ in terms of the faith of the gambling markets.

The Madrid side currently has odds of 2.10 to lift yet another La Liga trophy.
If we convert these odds to percentages, the market sees Barcelona with a chance of 55.55% to win the ongoing season. Real Madrid on the other hand would have 47.61%. These odds, however, still show how the market believes the two giants from Spain to be the big protagonists.

Second Tier Contenders: La Liga 2022/2023

Atletico Madrid, in spite of their 2 titles in the last 9 seasons, has big odds of 21.0 on average. This means the market sees them as having chances of just 4.76%.

If you like underdogs and very unlikely scenarios, Villareal has odds of 51.0, Betis and Athletic Bilbao 59.0, while Real Sociedad has impressive odds of 151.0.

The biggest odds go for Elche, with 4001.0! Imagine winning £40k with a £10 bet! Well, you also would have to imagine Elche winning La Liga

Betting Odds: beginners guide about price fluctuation

Odds can also be considered prices because they reflect the demand of the market to bet on a specific team. That said, some teams are cheaper, and other teams are expensive. Unlike ‘normal’ prices for goods, like real estate or groceries, the lower the number, the more expensive the odds.

That said, Real Madrid and Barcelona are expensive teams in the gaming markets, with low odds.

But odds fluctuate! It means you could guarantee profit even before the end of the ongoing La Liga, as we’ll explain in a guide that we’re creating for you.
So if you like any football betting odd, grab it before it’s gone because the price may change, just like a promotion in any shop that you can think of!

Right now after the weekend draw against Elche, Real Madrid is not the favourite to win the ongoing La Liga according to the betting markets.

But the ‘advantage’ of Barça is very narrow. And the Spanish giants remain the protagonists, with Atlético Madrid being just a second-tier contender with very big odds.

It’s interesting to note that the outright odds change round after round and they are suspended for betting during the rounds at certain moments, so the bookies can recalculate after the full round or the most important matches have been played. Check out our guide about the release of betting odds here.