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Whistles hailing from the Camp Nou stands give an idea of how this one played out.

Unlike the Barcelona teams of old, this game was largely played in their defensive half as Real Madrid pilled on the pressure. Though Barcelona was able to generate a few quality chances, their opportunities were few and far between, allowing a clear lead in the La Liga table to slip away.

Despite the long list of injuries, Zinedine Zidane’s tactics were spot on in this one. Earning a point in Barcelona keeps Real Madrid level on point in La Liga and provides some great momentum after a lacklustre start.

El Clásico may have ended 0-0, but the score doesn’t do justice to the tactical battle that took place. In this tactical analysis, we’ll look at Real Madrid’s relentless attacking. Although Barcelona spent the better part of the game in their own half, they did create a few very dangerous opportunities on the counter and when building out of the back that deserves analysis.


La Liga 2019/20: Barcelona vs Real Madrid – tactical analysis tactics
Valverde started with the typical 1-4-3-3 while Zidane opted for a 1-4-31-2, which was basically a 1-4-4-2 with a diamond midfield

Ernesto Valverde set out his Barcelona side in their traditional 1-4-3-3. Marc-André ter Stegen took his usual place in goal.

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