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A Galactico at heart? Hold a huge affinity for the La Liga club? Just love what Zinedine Zidane is doing with the team at the moment? Or maybe you do not?

Well, Real Madrid Analysis is the place for all your Real Madrid needs as we aim to provide you with all the top-quality articles you could possibly need to make this blog the hub for all things regarding the Spanish giants!

Whilst offering you, the reader, all the traditional forms of content such as news, views and opinions from all angles, we will seek to educate you further by picking up on the niche bits of content and giving you a different viewpoint on what certain stories might mean for Los Blancos.

Indeed, as the name of the blog suggests, we will also provide you with in-depth analytical material involving Zizou’s side, therefore opening up the possibility of learning even more about the team you, the reader, hold a passion for!

We breakdown a number of fixtures (whether already played or on the upcoming schedule), highlighting what to expect, what could potentially happen and what actually did happen, whilst also using screengrabs from matches to highlight the particular point our contributors have made.

Analysis articles, though, have no bounds as we can also look into players specifically and go through their game with a fine comb and look at what they can offer, what they do for the side and, perhaps, where they could improve the team if they were to do something else.

Player recruitment is a huge thing within football and Real Madrid Analysis produce a number of articles based on the transfer rumours from media outlets regarding potential targets and give them the same treatment as those currently staring at the Santiago Bernabeu to see whether Zidane and co. would be better off (or worse off) if they were to proceed with a move.

Of course, we are always looking to expand the team here and encourage you to apply to write for us if you think you can bring an analytical approach to the side that you hold a deep passion for!

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